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U N T A M E D 🔥 25mm lashes will restoc

What is considered wholesale?
25+ pairs each purchase.

Do you sell your vendor list?
We do NOT disclose personal information.

Do you do custom packaging?
No. We only wholesale “Emme Lashess”
Interested in lashes without our Emme Lashess packaging? Ask for lashes in their plastic trays.

Do you negotiate prices?
Our prices are firm. 

What lashes are available for wholesale?
All Mink 3D lashes, except styles indicating they are “Discontinued,” or “Discontinuing.”
Mink 3D lashes are: 
•    Tremenda
•    Wife Me up
•    Seduce
•    Gawdess
•    Feisty
•    Patrona
•    Amiguis
•    Dramaticas
•    Traviesa
•    Desire
•    Devine
•    Level-Up
•    Heather 
•    Nasaya 
•    Boss Bytch
•    Miss Independent
•    Snatched
•    Dama Fina
•    Majestic
•    La Jefa
•    Foolish
•    Certified
•    Pure Beauty
•    Hypnotize
•    Monroe
•    Lolitah
•    Delilah
•    Envidiosa
•    Valentina


How do I place my order or get a quote?
Fill out the contact form below.

Name: Full name/ Store name

Email: ***Double check you submit the correct email address***
Subject: Wholesale
•    Please include your desired order size 
•    Lash style and quantity per style. (example: Patrona (5), Amiguis (10) etc.) 
•    Desired payment method (Paypal (5% fee), Zelle, Venmo)
•    Country you are located in (example: United States, Canada)

Wait 2-3 business days to receive an email response with an attachment of the drafted invoice.

Please include all information required for an email response.


What if the lashes I want are marked: out of stock? Can I still place an order?
You may place an order for lashes out of stock, but may take 1-2 weeks to become available.


What is the cost of shipping?
Shipping is calculated according to the size of your order.
All packages are shipped via priority USPS shipping. 

How long does processing time take?
Wholesale orders will take 3 business days to complete after your payment is received. (Before shipping)

Shipping may take 1-3 business days. 
Delays and/or holds by USPS is out of our control. Any delays/holds please contact the United States Postal Office directly.

What payment methods do you accept?
Paypal (5% fee), Zelle, Venmo

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